About the Event

Design shapes every facet of the human experience — from the buildings we live in, the products we use, and the graphics we take in. Join us as we explore the powerful relationship between conscious design and corporate sustainability striving to build a better world for generations to come. We’ll show how visual storytelling creates human connection and amplifies social and environmental impact. Attendees will also participate in a vision board exercise to discover how their creativity can contribute to the sustainability movement. This event will best serve working professionals, design enthusiasts, and sustainability practitioners who want to learn and explore how design can be powerful in amplifying corporate sustainable action.

Join us for this webinar that will...

: Realize the value and opportunity of design in the corporate sustainability realm.

: Learn through practical case studies how we amplify our corporate clients’ impact through engaging design.

: Apply your unique skill set and creative influence to positively contribute to the sustainability movement.

Download the Vision Board PDF here.


This talk was presented live on September 11, 2020.

About thinkPARALLAX

As a team of values-driven strategists, designers, and storytellers, thinkPARALLAX gives meaning and voice to brands’ sustainability initiatives. Through strategic storytelling, we harness the support of stakeholders to drive systemic change and long-term success. This event is hosted by our design team, consisting of design director Edison Miclat, art director Kyrstin Nihill, graphic designer Etah Chen and strategist Nathan Sanfaçon.

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