About the Event

Watch as we transform a building, using it as a massive outdoor canvas. An evening showcase, a visual display featuring 2D graphic works by San Diego and Tijuana designers and students was projected on the façade of the building from 8-9 pm every night during San Diego Design Week 2020. The featured art was based on the theme "Projecting Futures.”

Projecting Futures is an evening showcase developed and presented by the AIGA San Diego Board of Directors that provides a vision for a more hopeful tomorrow, exploring the role design can play in bringing it about.

Hunter & Maddox building in Little Italy (near the neon sign)
1742 1/2 India Street
San Diego, CA 92101

As part of the Projecting Futures experience, AIGA San Diego has also hosted a series of virtual interviews with select designers and artists. Here we discuss their views on the impact of design within our community today and what the future may hold.

Participating SD + TJ Designers and Students:

David Alderman / Ezra Andrade / Jenna Asperslag / Haley Asturias / Nate Bingham / Cody Brown / Reggie Brown / Celeste Byers / HollisBC / Andrea Cucchi / Tara Detchemendy / Suzanne Dzialo / Stephanie Elliott / Des Enano / Alexandra Endsley / Chalsey Falk / Kamille Franchomme / Channin Fulton / Grant Gabriel / Sharon Gonzalez / Marc Hedges / Ruben Hernandez / Lisa Huppert / Itzel Islas / Petra Ives / Foi Jimenez / Mary Jhun / Doug Katz / Tess Land / Jonathan Mantell-Johnson / Allan Manzano / Kate McCarthy / Tracy Meiners / Brendan Michie / Sarah Minarik / Claudia Moncada / Melissa Monroy / Frida Moreno / Gloria Muriel / Jorge Naranjo / Antonio Navarro / Kristianne Navarro / Melissa Nguyen / Marie Nowinski / Adrián Orozco / Liliana Ospina / Ron Padua / Parker Anne Poole / T. Jay Santa Ana / Fabrizio Scippa / Jenn Steffey / Racquel Sutton / Trisha Swindell / Stacey Uy / Archana Verma / Alexander Zimmerman

Video: Projecting Futures Showcase

Video: Projecting Futures - Liliana Ospina

Video: Projecting Futures - Ron Padua

Video: Projecting Futures - Reggie Brown

Video: Projecting Futures - Don Hollis

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