About the Talk

Join for a presentation showcasing a demo of the City Canvas app, which provides personalized ways to discover and experience arts and culture online and in San Diego's neighborhoods at a glance. The talk will dive into the ideation and design process, beginning with the problem with which the San Diego Arts and Culture Commission first approached us, through various iterations and discoveries that has brought us to the current version of the application. Learn more about the design process firsthand and the capabilities of technology and data to promote the arts.


About City Canvas

Founded by Nazima Ahmad and Michelle Hoogenhout, City Canvas recently won the Urban Innovation Challenge 2020 hosted by Smart Cities Accelerator Labs + Environment (SCALE) San Diego and US Ignite, in coordination with the City of San Diego. The organization believes that art and culture is important in providing perspective in an evolving and diverse world. That’s why, to embolden the culturally curious they provide you with ways to discover, experience and learn more about arts and culture around you.