About the talk

Join us as Peachy Powerhouse, Kelly Davison, engages the audience in a series of interviews and conversations about where and how design lives in San Diego. Small businesses are fundamental to the DNA and economy of the region, and they help define the “San Diego Experience” for both residents and visitors.

With a focus on human-centered design and vision to make San Diego a place “where it’s great to be a customer,” Peachy will highlight design perspectives and techniques of five local small businesses that are emblematic of how San Diego thinks, collaborates, brings community together, and expresses its originality.

Five small businesses will be profiled in the interview series, including Lonely Floater, Local Skateshop, RL Speech Therapy, Cafe Moto, and Border X Brewing.

VIDEO: Lonely Floater Interview by Peachy

VIDEO: Local Skate Shop Interview by Peachy

VIDEO: RL Therapy Group Interview by Peachy

VIDEO: Cafe Moto Interview by Peachy

VIDEO: Border X Brewing Interview by Peachy

Lonely Floater’s Ryan Wallace and Lovans Florial turn apparel into a national force to create connection and promote inclusivity.
Local Skate Shop owner, Mark Johnson, rejects the word “I” as he talks about his hands-on approach to mobilizing new communities of skateboard culture.
RL Therapy Group’s, Ryan Landinguin, leads pediatric therapy innovation for children using their proprietary, family-centered design approach.
Café Moto co-owner, Torrey Lee, takes us behind the scenes to talk about integrating sustainable practices and making a positive global impact.
Border X Brewing CEO, David Favela, digs in his “treasure chest” of culture to inspire his craft beers, discover opportunity, and design a celebration of peoples.

About Peachy

Peachy is a community of fresh thinking, forward-moving small businesses in San Diego. They focus the conversation on advancing the customer experience by highlighting small businesses who have cultivated a passionate audience and stand out for their unique approach. Peachy shares perspectives from industry experts and promotes a human-centered design thinking methodology for staying relevant to today's consumers. Through these resources, business owners stay aware of trends, equip themselves with new tools and ideas, and gain inspiration to evolve their business into the future.

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