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Quint Gallery is excited to find itself in La Jolla once again with a new exhibition space, ONE. ONE is committed to exhibiting one artwork at a time whether it is a painting, sculpture, video or installation. Each artwork will be up for approximately three weeks. The space has been imagined to be a bit of an oasis, a place to just check out a piece of art; no obligation, no expectation, no discrimination, no big receptions or fancy dinners, a place for examination, inspiration and celebration. We invite you to take some time out of your day to spend time with this one artwork.

During San Diego Design Week (September 9-13, 2020), a woven tapestry work by Carlos Castro Arias will be on view. The piece explores the relationship between contemporary myths and history by interlacing imagery from medieval tapestries and twenty-first-century news media.

Carlos Castro-Arias was born in Bogota, Colombia. His interdisciplinary practice departs from the appropriation of historical images and the formal and symbolic re-contextualization of found objects. Castro’s work explores elements of the individual and collective identity and aims to bring to light muted histories and ignored points of view. Castro lives and works between San Diego, Tijuana, and Bogota. He is currently teaching at San Diego State University as an Assistant professor of painting and printmaking.

Visits are available by appointment. Please call 858.454.3409 to arrange.

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