About the Tour

If you enjoyed the 10 Neighborhoods, Revisited online photo gallery, you can also explore for yourself on a self-guided tour.

In 1998, MiresBall told the story of ten San Diego neighborhoods in photos — a free-form collection of signs, stores, and other street-level ephemera — to document our city beyond the usual sun and surf you find in travel imagery.

Today, we’re providing a map of neighborhood highlights, and setting the SDDW community off to enjoy their own San Diego experience. With stops from Barrio Logan to Encinitas, there’s always something new to see in our ever-changing region.

Help us celebrate San Diego by sharing the glories of your favorite neighborhood with the hashtag #10NeighborhoodsContinued.

Tour Map

About MiresBall

One of San Diego’s leading design firms, MiresBall provides trusted creative expertise drawn from 30+ years of work with global icons.

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