About the installation

Created in 2018, Crosthwaite’s murals, Column A and Column B: A Continual Mural Narrative Performance, show his signature black and white style that brings together portraiture of ordinary people, comic book characters, street signage, and mythological references into layered compositions. Visitors were invited to watch and engage in conversation with the artist as he painted. The project is a performance about the creative process and the nature of art and further transforms the former military base into a creative space.

The installation is part of the Installations at the Station series and is located at Barracks 14 at Liberty Station in Point Loma. The mural, along with other installations by San Diego based artists Jason Lane, Miki Iwasaki and others, can be visited throughout the year.Explore the Installations at the Station with this guide.

About Hugo Crosthwaite

Born in Tijuana in 1971, Hugo Crosthwaite grew up in the coastal town of Rosarito, Baja California, 10 miles south of the international border. A graduate of San Diego State University with a BA in Applied Arts and Sciences, Crosthwaite often uses pencil or charcoal, focusing on the figure, with all of his work created with improvisation. Narratives develop as works are created, and the work reflects the architecture of Tijuana and dreams of the border. Fear, hope, pain and celebration are represented together as Crosthwaite elevates the ordinary person to heroic levels showing the trials they endure while surviving in contemporary society. Crosthwaite's work has been included in numerous museums and collective exhibitions throughout the United States and Mexico.