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For nearly 100 years, Americans have visited restaurants without stepping inside. We love receiving fast, convenient service from the comfort of our car. Today, you can find drive-thru restaurants, banks, pharmacies and even funeral homes.

Drive-thru and car culture are here to stay, but both are on the cusp of radical evolution. Autonomous cars, drones, wireless communications, and environmental policies will pave the way for an entirely new experience. Mobile ordering has already proliferated, and that’s just the beginning.

San Diego is poised to be at the forefront of this innovation. Chuck Pelly and Kelly Franznick have been thinking about this a lot. Join us as we examine the past and explore ideas about the future of drive-thrus.

Presented by

Kelly Fraznick, Chief Innovation Officer at Blink
Chuck Pelly, Chief Creative Officer at Intersection-Inc
Flavia Bisi, LIFE POSITIVE Design

VIDEO: The Future Meets the Drive-Thru

This talk was presented live September 9, 2020.

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