About the Event

Learn who is behind the design of some of San Diego and Baja’s world-class beers and join us as Creative Director Sean Kelley of Mother Sponge interviews some of the top designers working with these craft beer brands, including Andrea Carrillo Iglesias (Insurgente), Dylan Jones (Ballast Point, others), Tyler Cristobal (Bottlecraft, others), and Kristen Beauter (Modern Times). San Diego is home to over 120 breweries and countless award winners, earning a reputation for superior craft beer. Many local breweries have become household names beyond San Diego, garnering devoted fans across the globe and helping SD earn the title "Capital of Craft." The craft beer scene in neighboring Tijuana is also loaded with talent, allowing for a cross border exchange of brewing wisdom and resources between the two cities.

Mother Sponge | Societe Brewing Co.

VIDEO: Design of Craft Beer with Dylan Jones

VIDEO: Design of Craft Beer with Andrea Carrillo Iglesias

VIDEO: Design of Craft Beer with Tyler Cristobal

VIDEO: Design of Craft Beer with Kristen Beauter

About Mother Sponge

Sean Kelley is an art director, designer, and collaboration enthusiast. In 2009, he launched Mother Sponge, a design studio providing brand development services to food and beverage startups. Sean has spent much of the past decade helping launch brewery brands in San Diego and beyond with the support of an ever-expanding collective of fellow designers, artists, illustrators, copywriters, photographers, furniture makers, sign fabricators and other creatives.