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A testament to the resilience of San Diego's local leaders, URBANIST profiles four entrepreneurs who have relied on design to build safety for both staff and community through a global pandemic. Hear how leaders continue to mentally and physically endure crises in business without a timeline of certainty and learn how design impacts the decision making for these local leaders and their beloved community.

Hello Birdie


The Lab A Salon

Swish Projects


URBANIST is San Diego’s guide to the best locally owned shops, restaurants, bars and more. For over a decade, this design driven roadmap has had locals and tourists uncovering the unique experiences of dining, retail, nightlife, and culture created by San Diego’s leading entrepreneurs. The voice of URBANIST remains community driven, highlighting the combined effort taken to make San Diego extraordinary with stories from local shop owners, restaurateurs, chefs, artists, designers, architects, and a spectrum of interesting humans.

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